Works for midi-organ (Orgelpark)

“Trappist-1” for Sauer midi-organ 

“Their [Adam Łukawski composer and Julia Borzucka graphic artist] collaboration was established to convey an artistic greeting from homo-sapiens to the TRAPPIST-1 system and its putative inhabitants. TRAPPIST-1, located in the Earth’s vicinity becomes a symbol of a new era in our understanding of the Universe, namely the hope that if there are millions of planets capable to host life, that on some of them life did indeed emerge, and that we are not alone in Space. To illustrate how integrated the Universe can be in its complexity, the sound and the image complement each other and were produced as one integrated piece. The enormous, 12m long graphic (accessible below) is a literal interpretation of the electronic score. It can be followed by the public from left to right, from the beginning to the end, and was elaborated based on the pattern of the music. There are seven short parts in the piece that, like in Egyptian hieroglyphs, present a story about the new system.” ~

szkic całości grafiki


“Abrahadabra” for Utopa midi-organ

In the XXth Century Aleister Crowley changed the popular, esoteric term „Abracadabra” into „Abrahadabra”. Just one letter difference made the kabalistic calculations symmetrical and thanks to this, word that initiates the magic gained it’s real power in the rituals. Air-pressure and register change controlled constantly by the computer in the midi-organ piece made for the instrument playing itself causes a special effect – magical title is not what you hear from the notes itself, but from the overtones floating around the concert hall made by sometimes almost not hearable actual notes of the organ with their register changes – these, transformed into waves of sound create the effect of three layers in the piece: percussive (symbol of subconsiousness), waves of the modulated sound of the organ (consciousness) and overtones over the general sound (magical superconsciousness).