Opera / Music Theatre:

“To Plant Again” for 16 performers, 2 music boxes and live electronics (2019)

“Speech of Avenice” for soprano, blockflutes, live-electronics, (tapes) and lights (2016)


Ensemble / Orchestra:

“Xing” for 2 conductors and ensemble (2019)

“16 Fractals” for 4 ensembles (2018)

“Concertino” for piano, strings and percussion (2014)

“Mirrors” for symphony orchestra (2013)


Chamber Music:

“Humors” for saxophone quartet (2018)

“Acharya Mrityuh” for flute, saxophone, piano and contrabass (2015)

String Quartet no 1 “Art Nouveau” (2015)

“Dream Journals” for violin, clarinet and piano (2015)

Sonata for piano and clarinet (2012)


Installation art / experimental performance / tape music:

“Abrahadabra” for Utopa midi-organ (2018)

“Trappist-1” for Sauer midi-organ, tape and a graphic score (2017)

(collaboration with Julia Borzucka)

“Gyroscopic Etude” for any three instruments, Nintendo Wii controllers and live electronics (2017)

“The Game” for a string quartet and the game (2017)

“Three Saikei for Master Nobu” for tape (2017)



“Lella”, 7 preludes for piano (2016)

“Visions of Consciousness”, 6 preludes for piano (2015)

“Maya” for piano (2015)